Welcome to my web site and welcome to my story.

It's a story about a NYC boy who was driven to music at the age of seven and eventually found himself immersed into the fascinating world of music that thrived in the recording studios of NYC from the early seventies to the late eighties.

Though I had desires of being a singer/songwriter/producer at an early age, destiny had other musical plans for me. In the thirty-five plus years that I have been a professional electric bassist, I have had the privilege to work with numerous legendary artists spanning a wide variety of musical genres including, smooth jazz, pop, R&B, Afro Cuban, and Latin Pop.

Over those years I sought to refine the art of being a studio musician and a rhythm section sideman, so within these pages I attempt to document my journey as I developed my concepts and approaches to this unique art form.

Because I have never been a good archivist of the albums I have recorded, I have had to rely on internet data bases and friends to point me to some of my work.

I will periodically be updating this site as I rediscover recordings I have done. The detective work has been fascinating and fun. For example, I recently found out that an Aretha track I recorded made it onto the Jumpin' Jack flash album. My name showed up on the credits in Yahoo Shopping and I was surprised.

If you're a bassist, you might find it informative, as I try to recall my mindset and approach for the various sessions. If you are a layman, my comments might give you some insight into some of the "behind the scenes" strategies used in record production.

Unfortunately, I won't always be able to recall dates, recording studios, arrangers, musician, etc, on all of my sessions, but as I gather information I will update the site.

Also, due to licensing laws that might affect some of the materials I present on this sight, I might be asked to remove some of the media on this sight over time, so please enjoy it all while you can!

Thanks all,

Francisco Centeno