Angel of the Night

This is and early example of my strum technique on the bass. This bass line can also be played using a slap style, but the strum style adds a particular "dirty grit" to the sound.

I Try

I can still remember Angie playing this song for me in her living room, when we where still in our teens and living with our parents. Her voice sent chills through my body then and still does. I knew even then that she had one of the most exceptional voices of our times.

Under the Moon and Over the Sky

This is one Angie’s early compositions. I remember recording the demo for this tune at Boogie Woogie’s recording studio, run by Cannonball Adderley’s bassist Walter Booker, when we where teenagers. This is a wonderful example of early seventies jazz-fusion.

This Time I'll Be Sweeter

This track clearly distinguishes Angela's unique voice as one of the great vocalist of our time. Recording this track was a sublime experience to ay the least.